Parole & ComCor

Colorado State Board of Parole

The Colorado State Board of Parole, whose members are appointed by the Governor, operates under the CDoC but is an independent agency.

CO Board of Parole,
1600 W. 24thSt.,
Bldg. 54,
Pueblo, CO  81003.  

Phone:  (719) 583-5800

Fax:  (719) 583-5805.   

Chairman: Brandon Shaffer

A schedule of Parole Hearings can be accessed at:

CDoC Divisions of Adult Parole, Community
Corrections and Youth Offender Services

The division is responsible for managing prisoners who are transitioning back in to the community through parole or community corrections. They are not responsible for individuals directly sentenced to community corrections while on probation.

The main office is located at:

12157 W. Cedar Drive
Lakewood, CO 80228
Telephone: (303) 763-2420

For information on the division please go to -

Parole office locations and contact information can be found at –


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